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We offer approaches, solutions and the latest research results to your challenges in the field of global manufacturing.

"Think global, act local... or global? Focus on the site level and advance local skills and know-how, develop a global manufacturing network integrating globally dispersed sites: Contradicting challenges and incompatible tasks?"

Managing global operations is no longer a matter of optimising single sites but optimising the entire manufacturing network. International studies show that optimising the network structure offers significantly higher potential than optimising single sites. To reach an optimal set-up of a global manufacturing network, a fit between strategy, configuration and coordination of the network has to be reached. Our area of expertise is the connection of research and industry.

To meet your challenges in global manufacturing, we stand for industry and result focussed solutions. We have been working together with leading Swiss and European companies for more than 20 years now and accumulated broad know-how in transferring our research results into praxis. Additionally, as a member of the Global Benchmarking Network (GBN), we offer profound experience in international benchmarking. At the same time, we are committed to science, that is concentrating and sharing our knowledge in scientific publications and dissertations.

Global manufacturing operations unlock new opportunities for global companies to achieve competitive superiority. Effectively exploiting and benefitting from the national market and resource advantages on every site location becomes a crucial necessity. Managing global activities in a dynamic environment, however, is a complex endeavor which comprises new problems and challenges. Decisions have to be made on the architecture of the manufacturing network, on the capabilities and site-roles assigned to each facility, on coordination mechanisms for daily operations as well as for product, process or know-how transfers; while stakeholders, technology and environment are changing the business continuously. The results are a broad range of partially conflicting challenges. Moreover, managers run the risk of losing themselves in optimizing details. But striving for local optima avoids achieving a global optimum from a network perspective.

Global production management related challenges of manufacturing companies:
• Global manufacturing strategy development and alignment with business strategy
• (Re-)design and management of manufacturing networks
• Optimization of global operations
• Design of R&D and manufacturing interfaces in a global environment
• Definition of site roles including lead factory concepts