Industrie 4.0

The opportunities and ways of manufacturing are changing worldwide. Different terms like “Internet of Things”, “Smart Manufacturing”, “Industrie 4.0” or “Industrial Internet” show the diversity of concepts of the future production. But all these visions lead to the same goal: Improving the production, products and services by connecting both physical and cyber world.

The digital transformation has already begun and will continue with an extensive impact on the manufacturing industry. Since its advent as a conceptual idea four years ago, Industrie 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing is nowadays a huge phenomenon which affects almost all markets and manufacturing companies. But what is the real impact? Are companies ready for such a fundamental transformation? What is the right timing for investing in Industrie 4.0? What are improvements regarding products and services? And most important, how can the new way of manufacturing influence the company‘s competitiveness?

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Benchmarking "Industrie 4.0 - From a Managment Perspective (On-Going)"

This benchmarking project focuses on these topics in order to identify and understand Successful Practices. While the technological side of Industrie 4.0 is well focused in many cases, companies often struggle to economically take advantage of the implementation of Industrie 4.0. Hence, in contrast to other studies, which mainly focus on technologies like sensors, robots, IT infrastructure, etc. we decided to take a look from the management perspective.

This benchmarking provides an overview on the state of the art regarding Industrie 4.0, enabling you to compare yourself with the most successful companies and thus leveraging the hidden potential of your business.

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