OPEX Bench. Sample

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Production Sites

The St.Gallen OPEX sample represents the largest independent and most comprehensive survey in the field of operational excellence in the pharmaceutical industry. Our database comprises currently 316 productions sites (November 2015), whereof the majority of 231 sites are formulation and packaging sites. Pure API sites are represented with 61 sites and biotech sites with 24 sites.

Geographical Footprint

The participating sites are located mainly in Europe (81 %) followed by American (11%) sites. However, the sample contains data sets from companies of emerging markets in Asia and least developed countries in Africa as well. The Asian sites account for a 7 % and African sites for a 1% share of the represented sites.

Number of Employees

The site size according to their number of employees ranges from small sites with less than 100 FTEs (16%) to large sites with more than 1000 FTE’s (5%).

Production Type

The production type of the sites varies from CMOs and Generic and Brand name products.

Production Structure

The production structure of participating sites are mainly mixed sites, producing APIs, solids, sterile liquids, liquids, semi solids. APIs and solids manufacturer are the largest groups of dedicated manufacture within the sample.