Smart Service Focus Group 2017

While the technological side of data-driven services is well developed in many cases, companies often struggle with the successful commercialization of their services. Key success factors for establishing a sustainable and economically profitable Smart Service business are to overcome existing hurdles in commercialization as well as alignment of data-driven services with the overall strategy, product portfolio and organizational design.

With these questions in mind, we initiated the focus group to foster the discussion on how to successful commercialize data-driven services. In the center of the discussion, we will approach topics like smart service business models, organizational barriers, integrated product-service innovation processes, and the impact of the smart service strategies on the organizational structure.

For this year, we already agreed on the following three dates and the respective topics:


  • 4th of July, 2017
  • 30th of August, 2017
  • 27th of October, 2017


  • Business Models and Pricing Strategies for Smart Services
  • Organizational Integration of Smart Services
  • Data Ownership & Security


If you are interested in joining this year’s focus group, or want your manufacturing company to be on the list for the focus group 2018, please contact Philipp Osterrieder