Benchmarking Smart Services - Transformation of the Service Organization

Posted by Moritz Classen on
Benchmarking Smart Services - Transformation of the Service Organization

Providing Smart Services

Only few subjects within the field of after-sales services currently receive more attention than digital and data-based services. To commercialize these so-called smart services successfully, companies need to identify new business models and mirror them within their organization.

Consortia benchmarking

Through our consortia benchmarking “Smart Services – Transformation of the Service Organization”, we want to investigate – together with our participating companies – how the digital transformation of the service organization can be managed successfully. We want to identify the capabilities, processes and structures needed to be built up and how the implementation needs to be arranged to successfully organize the transformation towards Smart Services.

This project is conducted as a Successful-Practice-benchmarking. The research-based approach leads, through a systematic company screening, to detailed and pragmatic insights for your company. As consortium partner, you determine the specific questions that define the essential project contents.

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