LEAN 2020 - The future of Operational Excellence

Participating companies will get to know successful OPEX strategies and will learn how other industries deal with today’s challenges in the manufacturing environment.

What is a Consortial Benchmarking?

  • Consortial Benchmarking is one of the most efficient ways to integrate external knowledge in a company.
  • As a consortial partner you will be part of the consortium and actively design the project. The consortium is not objective of benchmarking.
  • The consortium defines the focal topics of the benchmarking as well as the selection criteria for the identification of Successful-Practice companies.

What is in for consortial partners?

  • Learn from the best!
  • You will have the opportunity to exchange insights and experiences in an open dialogue. You will get practical impulses for your field of responsibility!
  • Gain valuable insight during the site visits at Successful-Practice companies!
  • Develop a new expert network within the consortium

Advantages of a Cross-Industry Benchmarking

  • Numerous and versatile comparing possibilities
  • Getting insights into other industries, helping to create new ideas and radical innovations “Think outside the box”
  • More open atmosphere for discussions as consortium partners are not likely to serve the same markets

Specific questions for the proposed benchmarking might be

  • What are the current trends and future challenges on the journey to Operational Excellence?
  • How do successful companies manage to meet diverse customer requirements/to achieve a high performance level?
  • How to manage the change of mind-sets?
  • How to develop and deploy multi-plant OPEX programs?

What are your current needs and requirements? We implement them in our Kick-Off!

What are our expenses?

  • Participation fee is CHF 20.000,- (excl. VAT)
  • All expenses for project execution and documentation will be included for 2 company representatives (excl. travel expenses)
  • In addition to our site visits at Successful-Practice companies, we will organize three meetings for preparation und follow-up within the consortium.

The Established TECTEM Benchmarking Process

Ensuring a systematic and efficient approach

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