Smart Manufacturing & Services

Growing product commoditization, more complex customer needs and the search for growth areas drive manufacturing companies to extend their product oriented business models with value adding services. During the last 15 years we have gathered extensive knowledge in managing industrial services within the manufacturing context from development of service strategies to optimization of service networks. Until today there is a broad consensus that services are mainly a cost-driver or at most support for the real bussiness, the hardware products. However, services have become an issue of high importance for strategic differentiation. Services are major driver for turnover. Since digitalization has become more and more relevant for service offerings of manufacturing companies we are currently focusing our research especially on smart services which are based on data from the installed base. Service Excellence is a key factor for the company's overall success.

We are always interested to take on current challenges in the service business. If you as a practitioner are facing challenges in your service business, feel free to contact us.

Smart Service Benchmarking

English version below Chancen und Herausforderungen durch datenbasierte Services Für produzierende Unternehmen wird das Servicegeschäft im Zuge der Digitalisierung immer wichtiger. Aus der Analyse der Daten von vernetzten Produkten lassen sich Ausfälle genauer vorhersagen, Prozesse aus der Ferne analysieren oder ganze Maschinenparks effizienter steuern. Diese Dienstleistungen heissen Predictive Ma…[more]

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Smart Service Seminar

„Digital Transformation of the Service Organization” – 31st of January 2019 We are happy to announce that we are planning a one-day seminar on the topic of the Digital Transformation of the Service Organization with a special focus on manufacturing companies acting in a B2B environment and engaging in the endeavor of innovating, selling and delivering data-based services. Within the seminar you will …[more]

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Complexity Management

Today a major challenge for manufacturing companies embraces the growing complexity which often leads to higher costs and lower performance results of a company. The increasing number of product variants requires additional processes which have to be managed by the companies. Complexity has an impact on different departments of a company along the value-chain which, for instance, results in…[more]

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Smart Service Readiness Check

One-day workshop Our smart service readiness check gives you the possibility to identify your company's current development status regarding smart services. By participating in our benchmarking study "Success in the Future of Smart Services" you will be able to compare your smart service business to successful practice companies. On the basis of deep insights from the successful…[more]

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Smart Service Business Development

One-week workshop In order to leverage potentials of current megatrends, the business models accompanying the technological side of smart services have to be systematically developed and custom-tailored to specific company needs. An adequate methodology that enables successful commercialization of smart services has been developed by ITEM-HSG. During a one-week workshop we are going to assess…[more]

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Smart Service Focus Group 2017

While the technological side of data-driven services is well developed in many cases, companies often struggle with the successful commercialization of their services. Key success factors for establishing a sustainable and economically profitable Smart Service business are to overcome existing hurdles in commercialization as well as alignment of data-driven services with the overall strategy,…[more]

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