Smart Service Seminar

Megatrends such as the internet of things, big data analysis and machine-to-machine communication offer huge potentials for innovative smart services. Across industries services have become an important factor for strategic differentiation and a driver for growing revenue. Smart services that are enabled by data gathered from the installed base in the field have now become the next step in Service Excellence.

The aim of the seminar is to provide deeper insights on smart services, derive conclusions from our benchmarking study regarding smart services as well as networking between industry and research in order to develop a long-lasting network of experts. During the seminar we will provide you with the results of our extensive analysis of the benchmarking study. We will present what makes successful practice companies being ahead of its competitors. In addition, you will get the opporutnity to learn from case examples that were honoured during the benchmarking.

What you can expect from the seminar

  • Presentation of insights from our benchmarking study
  • Reflection of top-learnings of the successful practice companies
  • Diskussion of the next steps of the smart service business for the industry's perspective

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