Smart Service Benchmarking

Megatrends such as the internet of things, big data analysis and machine-to-machine communication offer huge potentials for innovative smart services. Across industries services have become an important factor for strategic differentiation and a driver for growing revenue. Smart services that are enabled by data gathered from the installed base in the field have now become the next step in Service Excellence. What are the obstacles for successful smart services and how can they be overcome? How should a portfolio including smart service be designed? This and more is central to our smart service benchmarking. Participate and receive your personal report! Our approach integrates all relevant management aspects and is based on an extensive research. Participating in our benchmarking enables you to compare yourself with successful practice companies and thus it enables you to leverage the hidden potential of your service business.

"The technical solution for smart services is the enabler, but customer satisfaction is key for success."

Dr. Aelxander Grohmann, Manager Aftermarket & Services, Digital Products
Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG

Success in the Future of Smart Services

Benchmarking objective

The aim of the benchmarking is to analyze economical and strategic aspects of smart services for the implementation, utilization and maintenance of products with IoT technology. We strive to...

  • set a benchmark for offering smart services
  • identify successful strategies, concepts and methods for the management of smart services
  • identify successful practice companies that offer smart services
  • Your benefit of participating

    All participants receive a personalized and detailed benchmarking report free of charge. This enables you to...

  • compare your smart service business with the successful practices as well as the average group
  • identify potential for improvement within your service organization
  • get insights on successful smart service approaches and strategies in this field
  • Confidentiality

    We treat all your data as strictly confidential and guarantee that we will not hand over these data to third party, including concortial benchmarking partners.

    Report without participating

    Are you interested to get the benchmarking report without participating in the benchmarking itself? You can get an impersonalized but detailed benchmarking report for 290 CHF (excl. taxes). In order to have a brief overview what the final report looks like please have a look at this extract. Please contact us for further details.