Smart Service Readiness Check

One-day workshop

Our smart service readiness check gives you the possibility to identify your company's current development status regarding smart services. By participating in our benchmarking study "Success in the Future of Smart Services" you will be able to compare your smart service business to successful practice companies. On the basis of deep insights from the successful practice companies the study enabels you to leverage the hidden potential of your service business. Furthermore, we will jointly establish development potential in the field of Smart Services within your company.

Benchmarking facts

  • 147 participants
  • 11 countries
  • Cross-industry
  • SME and multinational corporations
  • 42% of companies actively offering smart service have been in this business for more than five years


Phase 1: Participation in quantitative cross-industry benchmarking survey
Within first phase your company will fill in our smart service benchmarking survey. An individual report based on our analysis and assessment of your survey answers will be provided to you after this phase. The report is also the basis for the one-day workshop. After this phase you are able to compare your bussiness to successful practice companies.

Phase 2: Development potential workshop
In order to identify your company’s development potential in this field we will conduct a one-day workshop. Moreover, we will draw a roadmap with suggestions specified for your company.


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